/  At   Francl Architecture    Granville and 6th Residences  2016  role: Lead Project Designer  location: Vancouver, Canada  /  21 Storey residential multi family with retail commercial at base. 
    /  At   Francl Architecture    East Fraser Lands  2016-2017  role: Lead Project Designer, DP Stage   location:  Vancouver, Canada  /  25 storey tower with a reduced penthouse floor, 6 storey podium at the base, and 3 storey townhouses along the south edge of the site. To note are the generously sized balconies in the tower being 2- storey tall due to the alternating pattern they follow between bedrooms and living rooms. On the east and west elevations, triangular screen elements are placed on the edge of these projections to work both as privacy screens and vertical shading devices.
  Kanda House of Music   The ward of Kanda in Tokyo is home to a large number of universities and music shops and thus draws many young music enthusiasts. This proposal located across from the JR Kanda station on a small 150 Sq Ft corner lot attempts to incorporate a vinyl cafe, a club/bar/practice space, and a music school all in the same building. At night the the second floor club opens up to outside, provides entertainment and illuminates the station's four long platforms.
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